Joining AVTRW

Do I have to be a vet to join?

No. Members may be either veterinarians or other graduates who have a major interest in either Veterinary Research or Teaching. Currently, members range through:

  • Academic staff in many veterinary and non-veterinary faculties
  • Research workers in both universities and research institutions
  • Medical researchers with particular interests in the veterinary field
  • Veterinary investigation officers
  • Individuals in commerce and diagnostic laboratories

The are also a limited number of Honorary Members who have been rewarded for meritorious contributions to Veterinary Teaching and/or Research.

How do I join?

Please download and complete the following form - full instructions and an overview of the procedure are provided on the first page of the document: 

Download Word Version (preferred)

Download PDF Version

Once your membership application is received and processed, you will begin to receive Association correspondence and notice of future meetings and will be eligible for all benefits and discounts that are available to AVTRW members. Your membership will be classified as provisional until it is either ratified or declined at the next Annual General Meeting of the full Association following your application. Should your application be declined, your membership joining fee will be refunded.

How much does it cost?

  • Annual membership is currently £25 sterling when paid by standing order from a UK bank, or £26 when paid by PayPal.
  • Applicants that are registered as a student (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the time of application will receive three years membership for the price of the membership joining fee. Thereafter the annual fee is as above.
  • Note that conference costs are kept low to encourage attendance, and participation from students is actively encouraged.